The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast

surfers paradise

We made it to Surfers Paradise on the Queensland Coast. Also known as “The Gold Coast,” this area is a vacation capital not only for Australians, but much of Asia. Where perhaps the Japanese tourist was common several years ago, I found them replaced by Chinese. It didn’t take long for the locals to realize from my American accent I wasn’t part of the large tours of Mainland Chinese coming in to soak up what The Gold Coast had to offer.

We stayed at a serviced apartment overlooking the pool with views of the ocean in Broad Beach, a few miles away from the hustle and bustle of Surfers.

It seems that the big thing to do here is to shop. Everywhere we went was another huge shopping mall. Paramus, New Jersey has nothing on the number of shopping malls on the Gold Coast. Unfortunately, the quantity had nothing to do with the quality or variety of shopping in these malls. The same things sold in these malls could easily be bought back home, except for a mass produced boomerang or stuffed Echidna. It’s distressing to think that the whole world is starting to look the same, and the American consumer society has infected this area as well!

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