ANZAC Day, and Brisbane

ANZAC Day and Brisbane

WWII figher plane

Today was ANZAC day, which stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps, and is the equivalent to Veteran’s Day in the States. Most businesses respected this public holiday by staying closed until 1pm so people could remember the veterans in parades and other activities in many towns across the country. An American fighter plane buzzed Broadbeach on the Gold coast in honor of the ANZAC Veterans.
figher plane

I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that can identify this plane, but whatever it was, it sure sounded great!

We left the Gold Coast for the hour’s drive into Brisbane and arrived in the afternoon. Our hotel gave us a nice view of the Brisbane River even though the Marriot blocked some of it!

We took a walk along the river in the diminishing daylight to get our first glance of the city. Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city after Sydney and Melbourne. It’s located about 820 miles north of Sydney on the east coast of Australia. It gets dark at about 6pm since it’s getting into Fall here, but the weather is still fine. The evenings may require a light jacket, but the days are warm. We’ll spend the next few days exploring this town, but so far, we like what we see!

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