Driving Around Old Chatahm, NY

Driving around Old Chatham, NY

DBS and four headlight

Last Saturday Yale drove his ’64 Ferrari up from New York City to pick me up and visit a friend with a Aston Martin. Henry owns a ’68 DBS and has a weekend home in Old Chatham, about 25 minutes north of my house. We toured the great driving roads of Columbia County in these two vintage cars trading drivers along the way.

As any schoolboy, I loved Astons growing up, especially the Vantage models, but I was really impressed with this 6 cylinder DBS. Henry had the Tremec 5-speed conversion installed in this car, and it makes the car a pleasure to drive. The car is very well sorted, and felt very secure on the two lane high speed turns. It was interesting to hear Henry’s comments and comparison with driving a Vintage Ferrari for the first time. Of course, he found the sound of the V-12 intoxicating.

We stopped by a junkyard in Northern Columbia County that was filled with old American trucks. Most of them were from the 40s through the 60s, but there was the occasional oddity. Photographically speaking, it was also a treasure trove of imagery. I plan to return one a day with more subdued lighting to get permission to photograph this salvage yard!  

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