GTO at Lime Rock

GTO at Lime Rock

Ferrari GTO

There was a Vintage Race at Lime Rock over the Labor Day Weekend, and I heard Jim and Sandy McNeil were bringing their GTO to Connecticut. Not wanting to miss another opportunity to see this original car driving on the track, I headed out to meet them under the KTR tent in the paddock.

This year I decided to ask Sandy and Jim if it would be all right to tape some footage from inside the GTO while Sandy was driving. There’s a lot of in car footage from race cars, but how many people get a chance to see what it’s like from inside a GTO? The mounting of a camera was a little tricky since there wasn’t a roll bar, but luckily, I had some sturdy clamps to use just for such an occasion.
Lime Rock

I’ve shot in-car footage before, but used a professional “lipstick camera,” and separate tape machine. I knew that using my consumer level camera for such a harsh environment could be disappointing, but I needed to test the gear to see what could use improvement.
in car GTO

Here’s one lap inside the GTO, there’s more great footage, but it’s a lot to put on the Internet without paying for more bandwidth! Please right click (or click and hold for Macs) to save this movie to your computer before playing it. It will save me some money when everyone tries to download the movie over and over again!

The audio could use some improvement because it was too loud for the camcorder microphone to handle, but I already have a fix for next time! Overall, we had some great results for our first test!

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