Grille, Lighter, and Swap Meet

Grille, Lighter, and a Swap Meet

My transmission lays in wait for parts and time for François to look at it. In the mean time I’ve been polishing my grille.

I’m finally at a point where I can do some assembly to see how everything looks.

Once the grille was completely assembled, I found some areas that need polishing that I didn’t think needed it. These pieces will have to addressed once I take it all apart again!

A few years ago, I found a lighter for my 330 America (pictured on the right). I’ve seen this type on other Ferraris, but am not sure if it’s correct. A friend of mine send me a knob he had that I could use for my lighter (left side of the picture). Ron’s knob matches all the other knobs in my car, and would seem to be correct. I have not had a chance to check other GTEs, but was wondering what kind of lighter knobs people have in their GTEs or 330 Americas?

The planning for 2006 East Coast Party is well under way. People are coming from all over, and some of us are planning on staying over at Mike’s house. One suggestion I love is to hold an impromtu Swap Meet for the Ferrari parts we all have in our collections. It’ll be a great chance to swap some parts or give a good deal to a fellow visitor. Contact Mike Meehan, or me for more details!

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