Daytona Finishing

Daytona Finishing

daytona headlights

We had a 365GTB/4 back from paint, and it was time to put her back together. After spending the last few months at the paint shop, this Daytona needed some electrical work. The lights were reinstalled and the dim one in this picture was probably a bad ground. When a car gets painted, the dust from sanding and over spray can get everywhere, and the electrics can get fouled up from this dust.

The hit list for me to accomplish today was:
1. fix the ground on the headlight
2. find out why the driver’s side electric window wasn’t working
3. install the plunger switches for both doors
4. install the right side window frame
5. install the carpets
6. fix the power antenna

I decided to start with the power antenna, since the trunk area was apart, and the motor was easily accessible. It turned out the antenna also had a bad ground, but as I tried to tighten the mounting bolts, I dropped my wrench behind the fuel tank! This area was inaccessible to any hands, and the wrench managed to fall far down and out of site. François shook his head at my rookie move, and told me what a pain it would be to remove the gas tank! Luckily I managed to retrieve the wrench with a magnet tool.  I finished the rest of the tasks on my list, and managed not to make any more amateur mistakes!

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