Rear Hub Seal

Rear Hub Seal

dirty wheel

Last year when my 330 America was on the road, the right rear wheel developed an oil leak. Gear oil in the axle tube was working it’s way out of the hub and was being slung all over my nice clean wire wheels! Since my transmission was still waiting for seals and bearings, I figured I might as well fix the leak.

The first step was to lower the car off the jack stands so the tires touched the ground before I hit the knock offs with a hammer. If the car was in the air, a hammer blow to the knock offs could damage the bearings in the hub.
parking brake

The next step was to remove the parking brake assembly. The adjuster screw and nut disconnected the pivot arm so the parking brake can be freed. From there the rest of the caliper was removed after the brake line was disconnected.
rear hub

With the caliper out of the way, the cotter pin was removed from the castle nut holding the hub to the axle shaft and the brake disk and hub came out. The next step was to remove the eight bolts that hold the seal to the axle end and install the new seal. RTV was used to seal the plate back on to the axle end.

(The rear of my car has gotten very dirty driving on the dirt road I live on. These pictures tell me it’s time for a good under carriage cleaning when I get this car back together!)
hub washer

When I cleaned the hub for reassembly, I took off the old RTV on the washer that sits behind the castle nut on the hub. This was probably the source of my oil leak, but since I was this far into the hub, it made sense to replace the seal anyway.
330 wheel

The last step was to clean all the grease and oil that collected on the Borrani. Now if I can only get my transmission back together!

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