Mustang Motor IV

Mustang Motor IV


It was time to turn my attention to the Mustang’s engine compartment. I wanted to take this opportunity while the engine was out to clean and paint the engine bay. With the weather holding out, I pushed the car outside to power wash the grime out of the engine compartment.
engine compartment

The rest of the paint will have to come off with paint stripper, but the results will make a nice home for a fresh engine.
mustang motor

I took my engine block and pistons down to a machine shop François recommended in Elmsford, N.Y. I will have the block boiled, cleaned, checked for imperfections, and measured to see what size pistons are needed. The crankshaft will be checked and cut .010 on the main and rod bearings. Once the block is bored to the necessary size, the machine shop will get a set of hypereutectic pistons for the overbore. We’ll keep the rods, but they will also be cleaned, checked, and re-cut on their big ends. I was told the wear on the bearing surfaces was normal for high mileage Ford V-8s, and everything should be fine with the fresh machine work. As far as the mix matched pistons are concerned, it may remain an unsolved mystery.

Trying to keep costs down, I asked what Dennis’ opinion was on using a Ford cast iron intake and Autolite 4100 four barrel carburetor. My question visibly offended him, and he vehemently advised against using the Autolite unit. His advice was to use an aluminum intake and Holly carburetor. I’m torn with this decision because I currently have the cast iron set up ready to bolt in, and the 4100 is highly recommended by Pony Carburetors. Buying a new intake and carburetor will easily add another $400 to my rebuild, and I’m trying to keep costs under control. I know everyone has an opinion on what is best, but I certainly don’t want to offend my machinist! For the cost of an intake manifold gasket, I could bolt on the cast iron set up, and see how it runs. If I don’t like it, I could always buy and install a different intake set up in the future. Opinions? E-mail me!

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