GTC Completion

GTC Suspension Completion

front suspension

I finished my part of the GTC rebuild today. I learned a lot in process, and enjoyed stepping back and seeing all the newly painted and plated parts. There was nothing particularly hard about this restoration, but there were a lot of little pieces to keep track of. There were certain bolts that only had a few millimeter difference in length, but were used specifically to clear obstructions in the chassis. Mixing these up can cause having to take things apart again. Luckily, François guided me past these potential mistakes!
Ferrari GTC

New tires were fitted, and the car was lowered back to the ground. We measured all four corners and found the rear to be a little too high for our tastes. The gas tanks still needed to be filled, but after all the usual tricks to settle the suspension, the rear still seemed a little high. The owner purchased new springs and shocks for the rear, and we hope the springs will eventually settle to the correct height. The only job left on this car is a wheel alignment, and the owner can take the car back. He may even get to drive it for a few days before the snow starts falling!

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