Mustang Motor V

Mustang Motor V

mustnag engine compartment

I’ve been spending my free time at home working on my Mustang. Each day, I try to put in a couple hours scraping paint and rust from the engine compartment. In this picture you can see a stronger brace in place of the stock one that came with the car. This “Export Brace” was used in Shelbys and I believe Mustangs exported overseas. Any extra bracing in the unitized body of a Mustang is a good idea, but the new brace was not a straight bolt in my car. It’s common for the shock towers to flex in these cars, so a certain amount of persuasion will be needed to get the new brace to fit. I’m currently supporting the front of the car from its cross member, hoping the shock towers move out a little when things settle over a few days of support.

I picked up my parts from the machine shop today, and I’m pretty excited to start building my motor! As I fondled the shiny new parts at the kitchen table, my wife laughed at my giddiness. I’ll shoot more pictures of my engine parts in the next couple of days!

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