Mustang Motor VII and Pledge Drive

Mustang Motor VII and Pledge Drive

head inspection

My daughter and I marveled at and inspected the workmanship on our new Edelbrock Aluminum Heads. These heads came pre-assembled, and saved me a lot of time and effort from using my old cast iron heads. The aluminum heads are already ported so air flows smoothly past all the places that stock heads have problems. They’re also lighter than the iron heads by almost 20 pounds each!
aluminum heads

My wife definitely felt it was a “guy thing” for me to be so excited about a hunk of aluminum, but I think some of my excitement rubbed off on my three year old daughter!
oil drain

There was only one place on these heads I did not like, and that was the oil drains. These holes were for the oil to drain back to the block from the rocker assemblies. Four crudely drilled holes in the castings made this drain, and did not match the fine machining found on the rest of the head. Connecting these holes with file would not make them work any better or worse, but it at least made them look better!

No, I didn’t do this on the kitchen table! That would have violated a “wife thing!”

Thank you to all that responded to the pledge drive. I have tried my best to thank everyone who sent money through Paypal or snail mail, but if I’ve missed anyone, please accept my thanks, and apologies! At the end of December, I will be compiling a list of thanks to publish on this website, so if you have not sent your pledge, you have a couple more weeks. If anyone wishes to be an anonymous contributor, please let me know.

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