Pledge Drive ’06 Thank You

Pledge Drive ’06 Thank You

I officially closed the pledge drive for this website on January first, and I would like to thank everyone who participated. Your pledges will go a long way towards maintaining this website, and I look forward to bringing it to you and improving it for 2007. Below is a list of people who pledged. If I you sent me a pledge and did not find your name on this list, please accept my apology in advance and let me know, so I can make the correction.

David O’Loan
Tony Mongillo
Scott Amis
Philippe Babled
Stephen Sproul
Dag Erlandsen
John Barker
Bryan Phillips
Greg Brendel
John Carlson
Roger Hoffmann
Jonathon Brent
David Booth
Kerry Chesbro
James Walker
Peter Polasek
Mark Lindman
Ronald Schmoll
Yale Evelev
Sam Hallowell
Parker Hall
Mark Travers
Michael Bayer
Todd Hudkins
Mike Meehan
Ian Levy
Tom Wilson
Michael Greenspan
William Taylor
John Vardanian,
Mark Valsi
Glenn Zucca
Chuck McCreight
Stephen Muzekari
Lee Sanders
Andrew Batchelder
Timothy Werner
Art Suckewer
Mike Seidel
John Rangley
Tim Waller
Jim Wickstead
Chris Coios
Owen Callahan
Bob Burr
Lowell Brown
Andrew Flanagin
Andrew Stevens
John Asp
Al Cartlidge
Mark Robinson
Dave Crozer
Warren Turner
Scott Shaw
Larry Benson
David Hodge
Greg Gagne
Luke Kowalski
Steve Meltzer
Roger Wills
Randy Palmer
Dan Reese
Rick Leander
Tom Treue

Thanks again guys!

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