Transmission Mount and Clutch Linkage

Transmission Mount and Clutch Linkage

Ferrari transmission mount

I’ve been slowly putting the transmission back in the car, and when I got to installing my new transmission mounts, I found a small problem. The new transmission mount is slightly thinner than the original one that was in the car. The difference is only about 1/8 of an inch, so I’ll fabricate a spacer out of something I find in that thickness.
Clutch Linkage

As I put my clutch linkage together, I remembered a trick François taught me the last time I put this linkage together. The clutch lever is actuated with a ball socket linkage from the pedal box. As these ball sockets wear, they can easily pop out of place, disabling the clutch. Using some bailing wire at each end to keep these ball ends in place is easy insurance to keep from crawling under the car at the side of the road when the linkage pops out!

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