Mustang Exhaust

Mustang Exhaust


The H-pipe to my Mustang’s exhaust came earlier than expected, but I’m not complaining. I was not expecting to see it for another week or two, so it was a pleasant surprise. With the h-pipe, I could now install the rest of the exhaust, lining up all the pipes to the back of the car.
exhaust installed

Very little tweaking was needed to make everything fit the car. The y-pipe needed a little persuasion with a pry bar to line up with the exhaust manifolds, but I was pretty impressed with how all the bolts lined up. I must me getting used to the way Ferrari exhausts line up that I’m forgetting how much easier mass produced automobiles are to work with!

With the completion of the exhaust, the timing is perfect for firing the engine this week. The mound of snow from the last snowfall should be melted by the end of the week, and the last few rainfalls should have washed most of the salt from the roads. Once the Mustang is started, I can then pull my Ferrari out of the garage to test the overdrive since its rebuild over the winter, and even get my Sunbeam on the road this year! Spring is in the air, and I’m ready for some driving!!

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