Loud Exhaust

Loud Exhaust

exhaust hole

You may have noticed the loud unmuffled exhaust in the movie of the Mustang when I first fired her up. I originally thought all the noise was from a loose nut at the rear of the exhaust manifold, but after tightening everything down, I was still getting a lot of exhaust noise in the engine compartment. I finally did the old trick of putting a flexible tube to my ear and moving the other end around the engine compartment to isolate the source of the noise. It didn’t take long to hear the exhuast noise coming out of holes in the aluminum heads.

I did not realize the supplied plugs that came with my Edelbrock Heads were manditory because some of the exhaust porting exists through these holes if they are not plugged. Luckily I didn’t throw these plugs out, and now I finally have a quieter car!

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