Ferrari 1512F1

Ferrari 1512F1

Formula 1 car

While I was wrenching on the 365GTC/4, François was working on a very interesting race car. It was a sixties vintage Ferrari Formula One car with a displacement of 1.5 liters. François is prepping this car for a show in Italy, but luckily, it will not need to run for this show. Eventually, this car will be started and run for exposition laps, but just cleaning this car in time for the deadline will be a challenge.
F1 seat

It is such a great opportunity to see a car like this. It’s better than any show because I get to see all the details normally covered by bodywork or obstructed by velvet ropes! This picture shows how the driver’s seat is the gas tank!
F1 car

This era had Ferrari switch from building full chassis cars to a semi-monococque design.
Steering wheel

The steering wheel was a steering wheel, not a control center operating even the “Gatorade” dispenser as found in today’s race cars.

I love the craftsmanship. With only about a half dozen cars made in each series, each part was precisely crafted by Ferrari’s best mechanics.

An interesting detail was the temperature sending unit. These tubes hold mercury and connect the temperature sending units to the gauge. As the temperature changes, the mercury moves the gauge needle, dispensing with the need for electricity to work the gauge.

The mercury runs in a continuous loop so the excess tube is looped in the front bulkhead.

Not only was the seat a gas tank, but the space under the driver’s knees also held fuel.

The engine is a flat 12 cylinder with a displacement of 1.5 liters. I can’t imagine how small the cylinders must be! The ignition system fires 24 spark plugs with a pair of distributors housing three sets of points each. How’d you like to give this engine a tune up?

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