Help Me Find This Part

Help Me find this Part

spring clamp

François is making good progress preparing the Formula One car for a show in Italy next month, but he’s having a little trouble finding a particular part, and maybe you can help. The exhaust pipes are held in place on brackets at the rear of the car with a flattened spring. The later cars used a regular spring, but this car has this special flattened profile.
spring clamp

Maybe one of you have seen this type of spring somewhere, or know of a source that makes it for another application. François has seen a similar spring that reinforced a back brace, but it was too thin to match what we’re looking for.

Fabricating this part from scratch is not so easy as regular springs are hard to hammer flat. If heat is uses to soften the spring steel, it begins to unravel and straighten. Using regular wire to form this shape will not work because only spring steel will hold this shape when used as a clamp.

I hope with the help of all you guys out there I can show François how helpful the Internet can be.

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