Formula One Exhaust

Formula One Exhaust Spring

A couple of weeks ago I asked for some help locating some special springs used to hold down the exhaust pipes to a Formula One car at Francois’ shop.
aquilla seat

Two viewers recognized similar springs in the seats of a Vespa Aquila.

I believe they are not exact to the ones that were used on the Formula One car, but may work in a pinch. They already have the correct finish.
spring clamps

I also contacted spring manufacturers, and they say they could make a special order of this “continuous length compression spring,” but I can only imagine how much we would have to make!

Another viewer found springs inside of a knee brace!

Thanks Julien, Pierre, and Troy for the help, and I’ll keep you posted on what we find. These springs won’t make it on the car for the show in Italy, but we we may just end up using the Aquila spring when it comes back home.

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