Ferrari Cal Spyder

Ferrari Cal Spyder II

Cal Spyder

I went down to François’ shop to work some more on the Cal Spyder.

François has laid out all the bright work to install on this car, and it all looks so nice and shiny!
side grille

A real nice feature are these side vents on this car. They were hand fabricated by “The Panel Shop.” They did some work on my grille, and continue to put out some spectacular stuff. I don’t even want to know how many hours these two pieces took!
line clips

The fabricating skills I needed for today were a little easier. Clamps for the electric, fuel and brake lines had to be made. There were about 12 clamps in all that had to be made and custom fitted depending on how thick the pipe or wire that needed clamping. Luckily, François had a box of clips that saved me some fabricating.

François said the fuel and electrical clamps are wider, with a bevel finish, while the brake lines have rounded tops. The bolts screw into nuts that were welded to the frame. There is not much depth to the welded nuts, so many of the bolts had to be cut or ground down so they wouldn’t bottom out. With a wave washer for each bolt, I was ready to install another clip.

The best access to mount the clips in the engine compartment was sitting on the floor between the frame rails. The easiest way in was through the transmission tunnel. Luckily, I’m not a big guy, but it still was a squeeze for me. I hung a bolt from the windshield frame to remind me not to stand straight up as I crawled out from under the car. If I did, I would have surely bent the fragile windshield frame!

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