2007 Tomyang.net Fall Party

Tomyang.net Fall Party!

It’s that time again, so get ready to come to the 3rd Annual Tomyang.net East Coast Party! This year it will be a held at Sport Auto in Gaylordsville, CT. It’s a shop that I’ve recently started working for, and will be a great place for car enthusiasts to come and see some great cars! Here’s the info:

Where: Sport Auto by Bill Pollard
14 Allen Dr. (Just South of the intersection of Route 7 and 55)
Gaylordsville, CT 06755

When: Saturday, October 27, 2007 11am until?

What: A party for anyone interested in Vintage Ferraris and tomyang.net

Bill’s shop has two lifts that we plan on using much like last year’s party. Bring your car, and we’ll get it up on the lift to see what’s going on underneath. We’ll also have some interesting Ferraris to show as well. As we develop the activities for the day, we may even select certain cars to discuss specific differences between models. Be prepared to learn about Vintage Ferraris!

If you have any suggestions, or questions about this party, please feel free to e-mail me!

If you missed last year’s party, here’s what happened. This year, at Bill Pollard’s shop, expect to see more cars as we have some interesting ones at the shop, and more that plan on coming. Don’t miss this one!

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