308 Major Service, and Forza Article

308 Major Service and Forza Article

308 engine
Work continued on the 308 Quattrovalve Major Service. The valve covers had to come off to put the engine on #1 TDC, and to take notes on the valve clearances.

The pile of parts continued to grow as we got closer to the cam belts. I was amazed at how much had to come off to get this job done! With fuel injected cars, the whole injection unit had to be removed to pull the valve covers!

photo D. Miliano
I spent last Sunday with Dom Miliano and his assistant for an upcoming magazine article for Forza Magazine. We found some nice spots near my home for the photography, and Dom sent me a couple shots. It was nice to have someone else taking pictures of my car so all I had to worry about was keeping it dust free for the photography. It’ll probably be next Spring before the article hits the newsstand, but I’m pretty excited!

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