The Panel Shop and Automotive Restorations

The Panel Shop and Automotive Restorations

Panel Shop

The Panel Shop moved to a new facility, and I wanted to stop by and see the new digs. They’re as busy as ever, and the larger shop offers them more space to work on some very special cars.

The Lusso is coming along after being there for over two years! A delay in funds for this project slowed things down, but things are back on track, and we hope to see paint on this car soon. We’ll be re assembling the car at François’ when it’s finished with paint.

A 365GTC/4 with some crash damage is being repaired, and will also be delivered back to François’ after the paint is applied. It looks like we’ll be busy!

Cars are stacked up out back waiting for Mark and Steve’s attention. There’s something very obscene with the nose of a Lotus 10 covering the body of a Cisitalia! You can make you own caption!
automotive restorations

The Panel Shop moved along with three other shops into a huge facility in Stratford CT, headed by Automotive Restorations. There’s a Sales department, a Service department, a Paint shop, a Vintage Race department, and independent shops like the Panel Shop, and an Upholstery shop, all under one roof. It’s one of the largest Vintage Car facilities I’ve ever seen. It’s going to take more than one visit to take it all in!

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