512M Dash, and 365GTC/4 Engines

512M Dash and 365GTC/4 engines


I spent some time at Sport Auto removing the dash to this 512M. Although this car shared its designation with a Ferrari race car, the 512M was the last variation of the 80s Testarossa, and is a relatively rare car.
512M dash

The owner of this low mileage car wants to shoot for a high FCA concours award, and the dash needed some work. A common problem with these cars is the leather shrinks as it’s exposed to heat, sunlight, and age, and the only solution is to recover the dash with new leather. I covered every surface I could so I wouldn’t soil any of the otherwise perfect interior and got to work on removing everything that would allow the dash to come out.
512 Dash

I had enough resources to accomplish the job between Sean’s advice, and the shop manual. Sean explained it was one of the few things Ferrari explained in relative detail how to remove because getting to the HVAC system involved all this work plus more. A little Ferrari shop humor is Ferrari started with the HVAC system and built a Testarossa around it! I was lucky all I needed to pull was the dash.
365GTC/4 engine

The heads were installed on the 365GTC/4 engine I was working on at François’ along with the cam covers, intake runners, carbs, linkages, distributors, and ignition wires. All assembled, it’s a very cool looking engine. It’s seemed almost a shame to hide it away in an engine compartment!
365GTC/4 enigne

After completing the major assembly of the the second C/4 engine, François produced a third 365 C/4 engine! This engine needed a complete detailing while its body was being repaired at The Panel Shop. My job was to put all the freshly plated clamps, nuts and washers back on the engine.
hose clamps

It’s amazing when you consider how many little pieces there are to attach to the top of this engine. Each vacuum hose has a clamp on each end, along with dozens of nuts and washers. It took hours of work to get everything screwed in place aligned.

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