Prepping a Lusso for Cavallino

Prepping a Lusso for Cavallino


We had a Lusso at François’ shop for some work before heading out to Cavallino. This car recently had some paint work done, and a freshening for this show. Some of the things on the hit list were a parking brake adjustment, a windshield trim fix, instrument light repair, and installation of seat belts. I worked on most of them and ticked them off our list. The seat belt installation will take a little more engineering, but I made good headway with the rest of the items.
rear brakes

As we looked at the car and fixed the minor items that could cause points to be deducted during judging at Cavallino in January, I wished this car the best of luck. If you’re at the Breakers for Cavallino, look for this Silver Lusso with the red interior.

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