Thank you for the Pledges

Thank You for the Pledges

Thanks to everyone who pledged their support for If you missed the boat, click here for more information.

Below is the list of people who have pledged this year, and if you don’t see your name, please e-mail me ASAP.

D O’Loan
Josh Wilmes
Andrew at CSO
Jeff Calhoun
Mark Dempsey
Al Cartlidge
thomas wright
Donald Quigley
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Carlin
Randall Palmer
Anthony Mongillo
Dan Sands
J S Amis
Michael Greenspan
Dan Reese
John Asp
Peter Polasek
Cory Youngberg
Scott Shaw
Parker Hall
Sam Hallowell
Michael Bayer
Mark Travers
Mike Meehan
Ian Levy
Chris Coios
David Crozer
Peter Polasek
Thomas Knudsen
Steve Meltzer
Luke Kowalski
Mark Valsi
Andrew Batchelder
Howard Gutstein
Dirk Van Roost
Michael Clark
Leon Valera
Taro Ohno
Drew Altemara
Dag Erlandsen
William Taylor
Mike Plechaty
Stephen Muzekari
John Carlson
John Vardanian
Keith Milne
Yale Evelev
Robert Phillips
Kelly La Velle
David Booth
Ramses Ancheta
Todd (William) Hudkins
Jim Walker
Glenn Zucca
Matthew Gorski
David Bonenfant
Greg Brendel
John Barker

I love running this site, and look forward to learning and doing more in 2008 sharing it with you all along the way! Your contributions will help pay for things that I plan to bring you in the coming year, so look forward to seeing more things Ferrari in ’08!

Tom Yang

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