Gearing up for Cavallino

Gearing Up for Cavallino


We were slowly completing the list of things to prep the Lusso for its showing at Cavallino. Although François is basically retired from showing cars, he cannot prevent his customers from taking their cars to shows, so he finds himself reluctantly detailing cars for shows again! I positioned a sticker for the air cleaner while it was still on the paper backing, and carefully stuck it in place. How did it turn out? You’ll have to judge for yourself when you see it at Cavallino!
washer pump

The windshield washer pump and correctly colored tubing was routed from the washer bag to the squirters. The nipples on the washer pump were broken off, so I spent some time trying to glue new nipples onto the old pump. Finding a replacement pump would be nearly impossible, or impossibly expensive!

Speaking of the details, François had an original Marelli ballast resistor. It not only shows the correct color for these resistors, but also shows a stamp that they had on the top of the resistor.

After e-mailing Parker Hall at Kilimanjaro Designs, I found out he has made the stamp to reproduce the lettering. We thought about making these rubber stamps, but Parker has saved us the trouble!

I’m making plans to go to Palm Beach, Florida for the annual Cavallino Event over the weekend of January 25th. The plan is to co-pilot a 365GT 2+2 from Maryland to Florida. Too bad we won’t get extra points for driving, but if any road grime is still on the car by Saturday, we’ll wear it with pride!!

If you are attending this event, please come down to the track at Moroso on Friday at 2 pm to meet at the “Rest Pavilion.” I hope to meet some old friends, and meet some new ones by putting some names to faces at the track.

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