Wiring up a Cal Spyder

Wiring a Cal Spyder

Cal Spyder Dash

The dash came back to François’ shop from the upholsterer for the Cal Spyder that is going through a full restoration. We also installed the transmission, so it was now time to wire up the gauges.

For sharp eyed viewers, they would have noticed this car has an overdrive transmission, which I believe is not correct for this car, but was installed sometime in the past. This car has survived a speckled history and has literally risen from the ashes of a spectacular fire sometime in the 70s.
wiring harness

The wiring harness was probably remade after the fire when a new Cal Spyder body was made for replace the burned out shell. It does not follow the factory harness exactly, but was close enough for me to figure out where everything went.
spark plug wires

Skipping onto another type of wiring, I had to make up some spark plug wires for this inside plug 250 engine fitted to this Cal Spyder. As with Ferrari, it’s not just about throwing a set of spark plug wires, but instead it’s a complicated process of measuring and cutting bulk wiring, fishing it through an aluminum tube, and installing grommets in the tube before the ends can be crimped on. The reward however is a beautifully routed cable set that is distinctive to Ferrari. I’ll post a picture when I finally finish!
broken connector

Speaking of wiring, I need your help! As I mentioned before, there is a non stock wiring harness installed in this car with some modern disconnectable plugs. As these were removed from the car, one of the male ends broke off and I need a replacement. I could bypass this one lug, and make a jury-rig fix, but I’d love to keep things in order.
male connector

These connectors fit inside this plug, and mates to the female end when it’s all plugged together. Instead of locating and buying a whole bag of these connectors to make this one fix, I’d like to see if anyone out there has one of these male connectors to send to me so we can fix this connector. You’ll certainly be credited for having something to do with restoring the electric windows on a Cal Spyder! E-mail me if you have one.

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