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Radcliffe Motorcar Company

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I headed down to Maryland to begin a week long trip to Florida and back, but it all began with a shop visit to Radcliffe Motorcar Company in Reistertown, MD. I’ve had an open invitation to visit his newly opened shop and possibly plan a Mid Atlantic “Tomyang.net Get Together.” Richard owns the two headlight 330 you see here, and loves to support anything that promotes the preservation and enjoyment of the Ferrari 2+2.

Although Richard’s spacious shop has only been open for about a year, his experience dates back to when he bought a service station as a young man in New Hampshire to managing a modern facility of a major auto maker. His devotion to classic cars, especially the Italian makes, eventually led him to opening Radcliffe Motorcar Company.

I met Richard in person for the first time, and found we had a lot in common, especially our enthusiasm for working and driving our Ferraris. We’re definitely going to do something together in the near future, so you can look forward to a drive and a party as soon as we nail down a date!

Along with Ferraris, Richard’s love began with Alfas. He recently managed to start the engine in this Alfa for the first time in many years. Although she’ll need a complete restoration someday, it would be great to get her running and driving, just to get her back on the road again!

The guys that came down to meet me at the shop were great in allowing me the time to visit and talk about Ferraris. Radcliffe Motorcar Company serviced the 365GT 2+2 that I was about to drive to Florida, so I was given a boost of confidence after I meeting Richard and his staff!

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