Cavallino 08

Cavallino 08: The Jet Party

Jet Party

Mark and I had very little time to get to the Cavallino Jet Party apon arriving in West Palm Beach. We had just enough time to wash up, change, register at the Breakers, and head out to the airport for the Jet Party. Our car collected relatively little dirt on the drive down, so all we did was wipe the windshield down to present her to the public.
jet party

We were outnumbered by newer cars parked on the tarmac, but it was a nice venue to walk among the cars and planes. Can you spot the Ferrari Challenge Driver and fellow tomyang.netter? Here’s a hint, she’s standing next to her husband.

One car that stopped me in my tracks was this freshly restored Ferrari 250 Europa owned by the Andersons. This car passed through Bob’s hands before, but he managed to buy her back and restore her to her present glory. Motion Products in Wisconson did the restoration and it seemed like I could smell the distillates evaporating from the paint!

Bob and his wife had a chance to drive this car for the first time in 25 years just minutes before the party, and was pretty excited to see the car. They did a spectacular job, and I loved the two tone paint scheme that echoed in the leather seats.

The crowd at the Jet party was definitely split between those that admired the older cars (pre-72), and those that loved the newer cars. It seemed very rare to find these two groups swapping stories or having drinks together at the airport.
cal spyder

Although the turn out for the older cars was smaller than all the new Ferraris that attended this party, the ones in attendance were beautiful.

Inside the hanger, there were more planes for us to lease, buy, or rent, along with an open bar. As the party started, the place began to fill to capacity, perhaps in anticipation of another Ferrari model about to revealed.

My interests, however, was more in the steel and aluminum than the silicone, so I found myself hanging around the cars.

There was even this very nice Lancia Scorpion, a rarity not only at a show like this, but also the fact that it has survived!

We left early to head back to Bill’s house for steaks and a pleasant evening with other Ferrari owners in town.

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