Cavallino 08

Cavallino 08: Moroso


We spent Friday at the track. Attendance seemed to be down a little bit, but there was still plenty of cars to see and watch on and off the track. Unfortunately, I did not take many pictures because I spent most of my time yaking with all Vintage Ferrari friends that were gathered at the track.
photo: A. Hudkins
At 2:00pm I stopped by the meeting place to gather other tomyang.netters that I had not already met in the morning. Pictured left to right is Ramses, Chris C., Tom Y., William (Todd) H., and Bill T.. It’s always great to put faces to names so we can go home and tell our wives we don’t hang out with ax murderers!
four headlight

Besides the Vintage Ferraris on the race track that came mostly on trailers, I only saw three Vintage Ferraris that came to the track on their own power. Frank’s red GTE came from West Palm Beach, Mark’s 365GT 2+2 from MD, and Art’s car from Orlando, another 2+2. Are you seeing a trend here of who still drives their old Ferraris? The 2+2s seem to be the only group of owners that DRIVE their cars!!! I know there have been SWBs, GTCs, and Lussos that have driven across the country at other shows, but this weekend, the 2+2 dominated with the mileage under their own power.

Art managed to get his recently e-bay auctioned four headlight 330 ready just in time to bring to West Palm Beach. His car was surrounded by millions of dollars of Ferraris, and yet his car seemed to attract the most attention. There were no back seats, and the door panels were missing, but mechanically the car was working fine. Art has a lot of tinkering to get her to work a 100%, but this car truly embodied what is missing in Modern Ferraris. The older cars allow almost anyone armed with some knowledge to keep their car on the road, and driving. I don’t think guys like me and Art could do the same with say and old 599GTB 20 years from now!
rust repair

I don’t know if Art made this repair to stop rust from a poor previous repair, but you could find out what Ferrari camp you were in if you smiled or sneered at the sight of this car. Personally, I smiled, and if you have to ask why, you’re in the other camp! Good on you Art!

After Moroso, I took Mark with me to a dinner to meet a bunch of the old guard in the Ferrari world. You never know who’s going to be there, but you can guarantee Clemm is going to invite some of the big names in the Vintage Ferrari world. It’s nice balance of FCA Judges, long time owners of Vintage Ferraris, and big time restorers. It was an honor to break bread with these guys and their wives.

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