Help Me Find Another Project!

Help Me Find Another Project

I spent last week in Florida meeting old friends in the Vintage Ferrari world, and making new ones. It gave me a chance to talk in person with a bunch of people that I know will be friends I keep for life. In several conversations we talked about how much this website has helped so many people with their cars, but one thing several people missed was the lack of a project to follow since the completion of my 330 America. Starting another personal project has been financially impossible, especially since I have a family in the middle of a career change. Selling the 330 America is out of the question because it is a car that literally changed my life, and I cannot let something like that go.

Recently, I was contacted by an individual that has an unrestored 250GTE that is in need of a complete restoration. Surprised that I actually found a car that those-that-shall-not-be-named had not found and dismantled, I received pictures of a seemingly solid, yet worn out car. It wasn’t until I was offered this project that I realized how much I too longed to restore a car and share it on this website. Trying to keep the financial peace in my family, I called a friend of mine to see if he were interested in partnering with me on an adventure. We discussed the terms and found us moving towards the possibility of restoring an old Ferrari on again!

I am trying my best to seal this deal, and it has now become a friendly game between my saving this GTE, and “making a deal with the devil” by watching this car parted out to oblivion. It will be a lesson learned for all of us with the outcome of this car.

This site has collected a large following of enthusiasts and I’m asking for your help. Help me find another project to restore on this site. Whether you have an old Ferrari in your garage, or know of one that needs restoring, we would be interested in buying it and saving it from disrepair and a possible dismantling. We’re interested in restoring a GTE, or another 330 America, but would also consider GTCs, GTSs, or any of the early cabriolets. My dream of course would be a Lusso, but my partner would have ultimate approval.

With your eyes and ears, we could all benefit from seeing another long term project on!

E-mail me with any ideas or project!

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