Boxer Trivia

Boxer Trivia

Boxer engine

I’ve been knee deep in this Boxer Major Service at François’ shop, and the while I was borrowing tools from Bill Pollard’s shop, the talk was also about Boxers because he had three more at his shop! Jim Grove, one of Bill’s employees, worked on these cars when they were new and getting Federalized at Amerispec. Boxers were not imported to the U.S. by Ferrari, but independent shops that were approved by the Department of Transportation were allowed to modify these cars to meet American specifications of the day. Whenever you see cars sold in this era, DOT papers mean that the car was modified officially by a shop to meet the American standards and certified by DOT. Amerispec did a lot of these cars.

One modification was the installation of side impact door beams that the European specification cars did not have. A small hole was cut in the door jamb where an impact bar could be welded at both ends of the inner door.
Boxer Door Jamb

Jim showed me a door that was Federalized by another shop, and how if differed from the Amerispec mod.
Amerispec boxer

This modification was done by Amerispec. This plate is larger and tied into the latch assembly. Jim explained that each door bar was hand fitted in place and carefully welded not to damage the freshly painted cars. The plates were were usually painted black, but this one was painted to match the body color. When Jim was cutting these door plates, he kept every plate from every car he modified and wrote the serial numbers on these pieces in case DOT wanted proof of the work done on these cars. Jim still has the box of plates, and if you have a Boxer that was Federalized through Amerispec, Jim may have your plate!

So the next time you’re at a Ferrari show, you might know a little bit more about a Boxer than the judge in the Boxer class!

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