GTE Seat Pans, and 365GTC/4 Bumper

GTE Seat Pans and GTC/4 Bumper

seat pan

A couple of months ago, I found a seat pan to copy so we could make new ones to replace the cracked original ones in Series I GTE, and the first one came off the mold.
seat pan

I stopped by the upholstery shop to see how well it fit on the seat frame so we could make the pair for Gary Hiniker’s GTE.
seat pan

The new one is substantially stronger, and will not crack as easily as the flimsy original ones. A few modifications to the mold had to be made to fit the frame, but it will be a much better seat.
seat pan

Now that we’re moving forward with the seat pans, the foam can be addressed. Much of the latex is in decent shape and can be reused, but the hardened top layers will have to sanded away and rebuilt with a layer of new foam. We usually try our best to save as much as the old foam if possible because replicating the feel of the original foam is often harder than saving what is still useable.
GTC nose

Next door to the Upholsterer, is The Panel Shop, where I stopped in to see what they were doing. Mark was working on a Ferrari 365GTC/4’s front bumper. The owner decided against using a fiberglass replica bumper because of its poor fit. Since Mark would have to spend a lot of time fitting a bad bumper to the car, it was decided to make a bumper from aluminum that would fit the steel body perfectly. If you’d like to see more about this bumper, look at The Panel Shop Blog that I’ve been working on.

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