Installing a Gas Tank and Prepping a Windshield

Installing a Gas Tank, and Prepping a Windshield

Cal Spyder

Since finishing the PF Coupe, we’ve been focusing on the Cal Spyder at François’ shop. I’ve been put to the the task of installing the gas tank while François continued on the windshield and the convertible top mechanism.

We had the tank pressure tested and coated with a sealer. Once it came back, we painted the tank and began the installation. It may seem easy, but there were a lot of little details to cover. The fuel level sending unit was found to be faulty, so we’ll have to see if this one can be repaired or find a replacement. A new fuel line had to made for the pickup tube to the main fuel filter, and the filler neck had to plumbed in. I also had to make a new rubber gasket to seal off the access panel from the trunk of the car.

As we get closer to sending the Cal Spyder out for upholstery, we began working on a Lusso that will be coming in the next several months. I began by fitting the windshield rubber to the newly chromed pieces and windshield glass. It’s a job that François hates to do because of the amount of strain it puts on his hands. Getting all the pieces to squeeze together takes patience, and a lot of controlled force. Too much pressure, and you can crack a thousand dollar windshield, not enough pressure, and the pieces will not go together.

François was happy to offer guidance and some invaluable tips as long as he wasn’t the one spending the hours it took to get both front and back windows completed. Besides using tape to hold the rubber in place another tip that helped a lot was using glass cleaner to lubricate the rubber onto the glass. The liquid offered just the right amount of slip for the rubber to move, but when the cleaner dried, it helped keep the rubber from slipping off. 

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