1747 Rear Diff and Tappets, and working on 5053

1747 Rear Diff and Tappets, and working on 5053

modified tappets

With the cam covers off the PF Coupe, I had a chance to inspect the valve lash adjuster screws and I immediately noticed something different. There was an extra piece on top of the valve stem, and François confirmed this as a modification.
normal tappet

Normal Ferrari tappets have the adjuster directly contacting the top of the valve stem as on my 330 engine shown here.

A previous mechanic installed cups much like these to isolate the wear on the valve train. François had a box of these buckets telling me this was an Alfa modification back in the day.
worn adjusters

Even with the modification, I still found a few worn adjusters.
worn adjusters

The hardened tips on the adjusters start to wear and small pits appear. Eventually, the pits get deeper, and the tip starts to wear exponentially. The sharp edges can even start to wear the top of the valve stem and cause damage to the valve. (It’s been a while since my last manicure!)
fuel lines

While I was in the engine compartment I started removing the soft fuel lines. These have probably not been changed in 50 years and due for some new hose. The fitting ends need to be nickel plated, along with the ferules before we install new hose.

I’m also going to change out the water shut off valve on the heater hose. The previous owner claims this add on was from a previous owner, but served him well over the last 30 years. I think we can find something a little more fitting.
leaking diff

Turning my attention to the rear of the car, I wanted to take a look at the differential. There was a lot of gear oil leaking from somewhere, but it didn’t look like it was all coming from the pinion seal like it usually does. Finding some kind of substance stuck to one of the flanges makes me concerned that someone else was trying to stop the leak with a patch.

I sure hope this leak isn’t coming from the axle tube flange. Getting to this area will be a royal pain. While I was back there, I pulled the drive shaft to check the u-joints and drive shaft doughnut.


After putting a day of work on the PF Coupe, I focused on my 330 America. I figured if I put a couple hours every day after working at François’ shop, I’ll get the head off my car.
preparing to remove head

By the time I called it a day, I had all the carburetors and intake off, along with the exhaust manifolds. The next step is to get the engine on the PM 1/6 timing mark, and the corresponding marks on the camshafts are matched. Next time, I’ll pull the distributors, rocker assemblies, and cam chain pulleys.

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