Thanks for Pledging!

Thanks for Pledging!

Happy New Year, and thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s pledge drive. Here’s a list of people who contributed, and should be thanked by all of us in supporting what this site has to offer.  If your name was overlooked, I apologize in advance, and will resolve the problem as soon as possible. Now let’s see what the 10th year of has to offer!

Randall Palmer
Ed Morris
John Vardanian
William Taylor
Anthony Mongillo
John Viveiros
Mike Wegener
Josh Wilmes
John Asp
David Hodge
Tom Wilson
Richard Garre
Larry Samuel Smith
David Eichenbaum
Luke Kowalski
Lee Stikeleather
Ian Levy
Morten Kragh-Mortensen
Lowell Brown
John Barker
Peter Polasek
Thomas Carlin
Jim McNeil
Michael Greenspan
Sam Hollowell
Scott Shaw
Mark Valsi
Tom Treue
Mike Meehan
Dan Reese
Gran Turismo Motors
Steve Metzler
Mark Dempsey
Frank Botti
Kelly LaVelle Andrew Stevens
Parker Hall
David Crozer
Cory Youngberg
Mark Travers
Drew Altemara
Charles Rahm
Al Cartlidge
Roger Hoffman
Benjamin Galdston
James Walker
John Pergolizzi
Taro Ohno
Dirk Van Roost
Michael Clark
Jim Wickstead
Kerry Chesbro
Owen Callahan
Tom Kizer

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