7919: Crankshaft, Ignition, and Carbs


Over the weekend, François checked the clearances between the crank journals, and the crankshaft. There was only one main journal that needed minor working to fit perfectly with the crank, and by the time I got to work on Monday the issue was resolved. Modern machine shops can align bore these crank saddles for correct alignment, but François has the old factory tools to do this in his shop. It involves a lapping bar that removes small amounts of material from the main bearing journals, and a bar for checking the clearances. François installed one piston with a set of bearings to check for fit and things are fitting together quite nicely.

While waiting for some parts to arrive, I turned my attention to the distributors. I disassembled and cleaned all the moving parts, and replaced what was worn. The bearings looked and felt good, so I packed in some fresh grease and reassembled the units. I set the gaps on the fresh points and put the distributors aside for testing on the distributor machineat a later date.

Next up for cleaning and checking were the Carburetors. They needed to be disassembled and set for a good soaking in a carb cleaning bath.
finished carbs

By day two I had all three carbs cleaned, reassembled, and  mounted on their  respective intake manifolds. I also corrected the base plates for some warpage to eliminate air leaks.  François showed me how to get the carbs set roughly for their initial start so they’ll fire the engine up when the engine is cranked over. The rest of the way will be done with tweaking while the engine is running.

MARK THE DATE: Saturday, May 2nd 2009
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