1747: Seat Belts, and Twitter

three point harness

I finally had a chance to install the seat belts we got from Andover in the PF Coupe. The previous owner had only lap belts, and we decided that a three a three point harness would be better. I also wanted to install some better reinforcement plates behind the seat belt anchors to insure things were not going to pull out in the event of a crash. These belts come with a retractor reel, and makes the belts work very much like a modern car.
belt mock up

The shoulder anchors on Ferraris are always a little low, and not an ideal location. I would prefer a higher mount, but that would require welding extra brackets with more reinforcement. We’re trying to make these cars relatively safe, while trying to preserve some of the originality, a tough order to fill.

The new Borranis came in this week, along with fresh tires. David decided to go with new wheels to replace the original metric rims that limited our tire selection. For the price he paid for these wheels, they came with these nice wheel cozies! I’ll reveal the new wheels when we get the tires mounted.

I’m trying out a new piece of technology and I want to see how it works out. Some of you heard I started a “Twitter” account, “tomyangnet” . For those that don’t know what Twitter is, it’s a social networking website that links users together via text messaging. If you sign up to Twitter, and subscribe to my “Tweets,” you will receive text messages on your mobile device whenever I send out a message to the Twitter Service. Now, as much as I have been accused of building a website to waste your time, I try to use technology to richen our Ferrari experience. Twitter is something that may be useful, and at the very least entertaining…if used wisely. I do not plan to “tweet” about what I’m having for lunch or to tell everyone I’m heading to work, but I hope to use Twitter to inform people when I am headed out to an event, or on another one of my road trips. This will allow people follow along, or even meet up if they are nearby. You can try it out, and the best thing is if you don’t like it you can always turn me off!

See you all next week at the Radcliffe/Tomyang.net Party!

MARK THE DATE: Saturday, May 2nd 2009
The Tomyang.net/ Radcliffe Motorcars Spring Event
12340 Owings Mills Boulevard
Reisterstown, Maryland 21136
Read about last year’s event.
Information on this year’s event.

Just a reminder, I’m looking for a new Vintage Ferrari Project. If you have, or know of a restoration project, please let me know. It would be great to restore another car on this website! My E-mail.

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