Ferrari Perception

Ferrari Perception

There has not been a lot of Ferrari work for me in the last couple of weeks. We are in between cars going out and coming back into the shop. A Lusso is coming back from paint along with a GTE, and a California Spyder will be arriving back from the upholsterers. The timing on these long term projects have left holes in our schedule where there just wasn’t anything to do.

I had a dentist appointment yesterday, so I decided it was a good excuse to drive the Ferrari. We’ve been getting so much rain in the Northeast, that driving my cars has not been much fun, but there was break in the weather to take the 330 America out for a drive.

The ownership of my Ferrari has never been about status, and even though I share my experiences here on this website, I’m am very private about it in my regular life. I sometimes find perceptions change about you when people find out you own a Ferrari, so I find it easier not to let on about the car. As I sat down in my Dentist’s chair, he immediately asked if that was my car in the parking lot. He really liked it and began asking all the usual questions most of us have experienced. How fast is it? How much does it cost? I explained that the Ferrari market has seen a correction in the last year, and the value of my car may have fallen by 50%. I also explained that I bought my car in boxes an pieces about 10 years ago when prices were a lot lower, and put the car together largely by myself. My doctor told me how much he too would love to someday own a car like that, and that he would start by suggesting I needed a couple of crowns. Luckily he was joking, and I left with a clean bill of oral health!

Just a reminder, I’m looking for a new Vintage Ferrari Project. If you have, or know of a restoration project, please let me know. It would be great to restore another car on this website! My E-mail.

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