330 America Radiator

330 America Radiator

hood off

I had company over this weekend, but before they left, I had Rich come down to my garage to remove the hood from my 330 America. I wanted to get the radiator out of the car and down to the radiator shop as soon as possible to fix the small leak that’s been getting worse every time I drove the car. With a 1000 mile drive to Florida looming in January, I didn’t want to leave anything to chance.
grille out

As I started to look at how the radiator was mounted, I couldn’t figure out how to access some of the upper mounting bolts. I didn’t remember installing this radiator as being that much of a problem until I realized I didn’t have the grille installed on this car until well after the radiator was mounted! It was becoming obvious that the best way to get access to the upper mounting brackets was to pull the grille. Pulling the grille required pulling the bumperettes…and I thought this was going to be a quick job!

With the radiator out of the car, I could see where I was having a possible problem. One of the steel side supports that was soldered to the the brass tank had worked itself loose. A little bit of rust formed on the steel and broke the soldered joint. The loose support must have allowed some of the cooling tubes to move and leak from the top tank. I’ll get this radiator to my radiator shop to decide the best course of action for a leak free unit!

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