2009 December Pledge Drive

2009 December Pledge Drive

It’s that one time a year I run a Pledge Drive for Tomyang.net. Your pledges help support the daily operation of this site, and your enthusiasm has helped sustain this website past 10 years! Here’s a recap of all the things I’ve shared with you on this site in 2009:

1747 engine

January of ’09 had me and Francois continuing work on David’s PF Coupe. I found 1747 in Oregon, and it was purchased in the fall of ’08 with the intention of David taking the car on vintage road rallies with his dad. Our job was to make this car as reliable as possible, all the while maintaining its original condition.
GTE at Cavallino

Gary took his GTE, 3553, to Cavallino this year, and entered her in judging. We came close to an award, but learned a lot about what 3553 needed to get the one or two points to get an award. She’s come a long way since Gary purchased the car several years ago, and I’m proud of the result!
Cavallino 09


In February, I got a call from someone who was looking to buy a 365GT 2+2 in Phoenix. Tom B asked me if I thought a newly purchased 40 year old car could make it from Phoenix to San Francisco. After I told him probably, his next question was whether I’d like to join him! Always up for a road trip, I jumped at the chance.

This turned out to be more than just an ordinary road trip, but a Ferrari filled adventure with visits to several shops, and we even got to meet Bob Wallace, a well known mechanic and test driver in the Vintage Ferrari and Lamborghini world!
Read More about the Road Trip in February.

5053 heads

The heads to my 330 America were coming back together, and I was looking forward to getting them back on my car.
Frank Segreto

Unfortunately with the passing of time, we will occasionally loose people that mean a lot to us, and in March, we lost Frank Segreto. Frank taught me a lot about upholstery, and I spent a year at his shop putting my interior together in the 330 America. I was lucky to have the time that I did with Frank. I’ll miss him.

In April, I was in Atlanta, so I managed to meet up with Ferrari Historian, Alan Boe and his GTE 3339.
Read More.

Tomyang.net Radcliffe Party

May brought us the second Tomyang.net/Radcliffe Spring Party and it has grown even larger. Richard Garre and I are really proud of the attendance in cars and spectators, and with its success, we can only imagine what 2010 will bring!

Home Again

By June, I had my car back on the road. With new valves and seats, I was ready for a summer of driving!
Sam and Steed

The Ferrari Club of America National Meet was in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, and my friend Sam Hallowell asked me if I would be interested in joining him in driving his Ferrari 365GTC/4 to the event. He picked me up in NY after leaving from Rhode Island. As event coordinator, I scheduled a few stops along the way to meet other Vintage Ferrari owners, and shops. We even got to spend some time at Hil Raab’s house which was worth the trip in itself!
Road to the FCA National Meet.


August found me in Monterey for the crazy car weekend. The highlight was cruising around in my friend Tom K’s Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. With only about 200 made, our daily driver was rare rolling sculpture.
Monterey 2009


Back from Monterey, David’s PF coupe was ready for service, but I suggested we take the car out for a shakedown drive to familiarize David with the controls, and make sure there were no issues with the car before shipping her to her first event.
PF Coupe shakedown drive.

two GTEs

In the Fall, I’m busy with several projects including these two GTEs. Cavallino in 2010 is celebrating 50 years since the introduction of the GTE by having a special class on the lawn at the Breakers. I know a lot of GTE will be there, and I’m even prepping my 330 America for the drive down!

If you’re going to be in Florida for Cavallino, please join me at a party Ron, a fellow GTE owner, is throwing in West Palm Beach. See you there!
2010 Cavallino Party

Whew! Looking back, it’s been a busy year, and I didn’t even cover all the cars I’ve been working on! This website fills in the rest of my free time, and I look forward to sharing another year with you all. I’ve been trying new technologies as they develop for the web and am always open to suggestions. I hope to continue podcasting, and I even “Tweet” on Twitter about the road trips! The Vintage Ferrari Forum continues to grow into a informative and civilized place for all things Vintage. Experts from all over the world have joined, and I am honored that they have chosen my site to share their knowledge. 

Your pledges allow me to work on keeping this site entertaining, and I think it offers one of the best values for your money. Thanks for your contributions, and I’m looking forward to the new year!

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Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!

Tom Yang

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