Pledge Drive Thanks

Pledge Drive Thanks

As 2009 came to end, so did the Pledge Drive, and I want to thank everyone who contributed. As much as I truly enjoy bringing this site to you for over 10 years, it helps immensly to get your pledges to cover some of the expenses of this website. Thanks again, and let’s get ready for another great year of!

Cornelis Buurman
John Barker
Thomas Carlin
Mark Valsi
John Asp
Thomas Knudsen
Betty Hegarty
Ronald Gaeta
John Vardanian
William Taylor
Morten Kragh-Mortensen
Christian Scott
Samuel Hallowell
Tom Cato Erlandsen
Anthony Mongillo
Drew Altemara
Edward Montini
Zac Dugger
Dan Reese
Mike Meehan
Josh Wilmes
Randall Palmer
David Hodge
Jim McNeil
Michael Greenspan
Mark Travers
David Crozer
Scott Shaw
Gary Hiniker
Thomas Wilson
Michael Bradley
Lu Ming Lin Ziv
Thomas Kizer
Lowell Brown
Yale Evelev
Al Cartlidge
Craig Comontofski
Stephen Muzekari
Andrew Brent
Taro Ohno
Tom Treue
Ramses Ancheta

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