Cavallino Road Trip

Cavallino Road Trip: New York To Maryland

As I was planning this trip to Cavallino, my college roommate jumped at the chance to come down with me. Rich and I are no strangers to driving down I95 with one trip being a caravan to GA for Spring Break back when we were at Pratt studying Photography together. With “hall passes” secured, we got ready to head south.
fuel issues
photo R Faron
I got to Richard Garre’s shop in the early afternoon and picked up my car. It wasn’t long before I found out my mechanical fuel pump was not pushing enough fuel at certain rpms. What I thought was a cold weather issue with the carburetors when I drove the car down to MD several weeks ago was probably the fuel bowls running a little dry as the pump was beginning to fail. By now, the car was stalling in traffic unless I kept the electric fuel pump running. This required our first unscheduled stop by the side of the road.

The electric fuel pump on a Vintage Ferrari is really for two uses, one to prime the fuel bowls when the car is first started, and second, to help keep fresh fuel circulating to prevent vapor lock in hot weather. I don’t think it’s really designed to run non stop for hundreds of miles, but it was the only choice at this point if I wanted to make it to Cavallino.

We arrived at Mark Dempsey’s house just as Tom Kizer arrived with his truck and trailer. Mark had cold beer and a variety Maryland Crab delicacies along with Mark’s favorite bacon wrapped veggies and home made mashed potatoes. This was our second big meal with the first one at my house where my wife made a leg of lamb, baked squash and zucchini, and mashed potatoes.

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