Getting the Ferrari Home!

Getting the Ferrari Home


Before the Cavallino Awards Dinner I parked my car at the Breakers next to the show field. The organizer were allowing us to park there for another day so I would have a little over 24 hours to arrange transport. During the show I spoke to several people about getting my car on a truck home and the costs involved. 
truck and trailer

Having shipped cars before, Bill Tracy suggested I check the prices of moving the car myself with a truck and trailer. Since Rich and I would have to arrange for transportation home anyway, the total expenses would be very close if we had someone else trailer the car for us. The added benefit was I would be moving my own car on and off the trailer and delivering her on my own schedule. I would also have the company of my friend Rich to share in the driving and maneuvering the truck home.

With two overnight stops and 1100 miles I finally pulled into my driveway three days later with nothing but road grime to wash off the Ferrari. We chased a big storm all the way up the East Coast, and although we only saw rain for about an hour during the whole trip, we were buffeted by strong winds all the way home. With my car washed and parked in my garage, and the truck and trailer returned, I could finally rest a day before heading back to work. What an adventure!

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