Progress on Brakes

Progress on Brakes

I finally got a chance to look at my brakes some more, and this is what I found. I reinstalled all the components and started the car on jack stands to build vacuum in the booster. I pumped the brakes to try to get them to lock up, and after several attempts, I managed to lock up the front calipers. I started at the master cylinder and cracked open the line to see if the pressure build up was from the Master cylinder; no change. I opened the next component in the line which was the vacuum brake booster; no change. The next next component to check was the front equalizer/booster unit, and after cracking one line, the both front calipers released. Having narrowed down the culprit, I tightened the fittings again, and tried to lock the brakes again to make doubly sure. After several attempts, I couldn’t make the brakes lock up! I tried all sorts of methods from stabbing the brakes, to firmly stepping on the brakes. Nothing. Finally, after pumping the brakes about 20 times, the calipers locked up again, and I went through the bleeding procedure again to find the brake equalizer to be the problem.
brake equalizer

The next step is to remove the equalizer an substitute a tee in its place. I’ll probably have to bend some new lines to make a clean installation, but at least I’m one step closer to solving my brake issues!

Mark the date! Saturday, May 8, 2010 will be the Third Annual Radcliffe Motorcar/ Spring Event.

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