Progress on the Brake Equalizer

Progress on the Brake Equalizer

removed nut

I spent several days trying to get the large bolt off the brake equalizer unit. I bought a 41mm 6 point socket to try with a pneumatic impact gun, but no luck. I tried soaking the whole unit in various solvents and penetrating oils for several days, but no luck. I tried adding some heat from a propane torch, but no luck. I showed my friend John in the shop next door at work, and he said he would give it a shot at lunchtime. After heating the steel bolt with an oxy acetylene torch just short of melting the aluminum, he put a three foot breaker bar on the bolt. It finally began to move! He brought it over to the shop still hot to the touch, but I was so happy to have the stubborn bolt off!
exploded view

I was so excited to finally get a look inside this unit. With all the descriptions I got from various restorers around the world, I still had no idea what it looked like inside. The pieces were pretty rusty and I could see how things could jamb up on my brakes.

The large side of the sliding piston has doughnut shaped seal rides inside the bore of the equalizer. A second seal allows the nipple end to slide and protrude out one end of the unit.
inlet port

The large side of the piston sits below the inlet side of the equalizer (red arrow) and when the brakes are applied, the large hole sends fluid to the piston face. The two smaller holes allow fluid to bleed between the brakes and the M/C.

I called T Rutlands and they said they had the 32 mm large seal, but not the one that seals the other side of the piston. It’s a different size since there is a slight change in bore size down inside the equalizer. I need to find someone who can accurately measure the other bore size down inside the equalizer. Geof Ohland at Partsource said he would help me find the seals if I can get accurate measurements.

I’m another step closer!

Mark the date! Saturday, May 8, 2010 will be the Third Annual Radcliffe Motorcar/ Spring Event.

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