Steering Wheel and Brakes

Steering Wheels and Brakes

steering wheels

As I complete one steering wheel, another arrives for me to restore. It usually takes me about 4-6 weeks to restore one, and I even have a loaner if you don’t want to disable you car.

The one that just came in has the usual host of problems. The lamination tends to crack, and needs to be glued back together.

When the varnish wears away, the bare wood is exposed to the oils in the hands, staining the wheel. It takes a little more work to remove these stains before new varnish is applied. The aluminum also gets a little corroded and needs to be sanded smooth again.

My brake calipers came back from Karps Power Brake Service with new Stainless Steel sleeves, so I’m another step closer to getting my brakes back together.

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