Dino and GTC

Dino and GTC


I completed a carb rebuild on a Dino before heading out to California for the DGR Party.
carbs reassembled

This car is not a show car, so there are a couple of details that are more for function than for cosmetic correction, but there are a couple of things we like to do for safety.
stud spacers

Dinos have an air box that is secured to the carburetors with small nuts, but on these cars, and later engines, they used small steel spacers on the rubber gasket in the air box. Before one removes this air box, it’s important to count the spacers and make sure they’re all there, because it’s very easy to have one fall out when removing the air box and fall down inside the carburetor. Counting them insures you’ll have the same number before and after the air box is installed or removed. If one of these spacers works itself into the carb and inside a cylinder, you can do quite a bit of damage. It’s things like these that can really ruin your day!
glue them in

We use a little bit of glue when putting these spacers back on the bottom of the air box. Contact cement, or weather stripping adhesive works well, but you’ll need something that will stick to the steel and rubber, but not make a mess like silicone glue. I look at it as a courtesy for the next mechanic that might be me!

Another customer came by to pick up his car after a quick freshening. Alex has known about this black GTC since he was about 5 when his father first brought it home. He has since grown up, and recently inherited the car after his father passed away. The struggle to get the car was well worth the direct connection to his father and love he had for this car. It pleases me to know that Alex is the next steward of this GTC, and we’ll continue to help him with her ownership.

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