Need Your Help!

Need Your Help!


I’ve been working on a wonderful 275GTB for over a year, and it’s largely done. It’s an original 6 carb car with a bumper delete option, which makes this car look so cool! As this restoration comes to completion, we still have a couple small issues to address, and I’m hoping someone can help me out.
Trim clips

The stainless steel trim on the side of the car, under the door, has these small steel clips that attach it to the car much like 330s with a similar piece of trim. A couple of these pieces disintegrated when they were removed, and Re-Originals is currently out of stock. The owner of this car has called a couple of the usual suspects that may carry these clips, but if anyone has any leads, or even better, has a couple, I would love to hear from you!

On another note, I posted a request on the Vintage Ferrari Forum on this website, but I know some of you may not have seen it there:

I’ve maintained this Ferrari Website for 11 years, and one of my dreams was to find an opportunity to hear about a Vintage Ferrari before anyone else. Through the years, I heard of a few, and have even passed them on to owners that are now members of this Ferrari Community. I’ve been watching the story about GTE 3787 and how upset most Vintage Ferrari enthusiasts are about the splitting up of this car for the benefit of a more valuable Ferrari. I now may have the opportunity to save a GTE, and would like to know if this is possible with the right person. There is nothing we can do to save 3787 as a complete car now that the engine has been removed, but I’m offering the Vintage Ferrari Community a chance to save one. Can I prove to the capitalists and uncaring that these cars are worth saving? If not, then this may all be talk.

I’ve gotten a good response to this post, but I want to give everyone a fair shot at this car. Besides saving a GTE, I’m hoping to involved with resurrection, and, just as importantly, share it on this site. I’ve learned a lot over the years through the work done on my car and many others since then, and continuing this sharing through this website would be just great. I see everyone winning on many levels, but it all starts with an e-mail.

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