Boxer Comparison

Boxer Comparison


Last weekend I went out with three Ferrari Boxer owners to compare the three variations of the Berlinetta Boxer made by Ferrari from the mid 70s to mid 80s . It all started with one owner’s curiosity about how different the other cars might be from his car, but the gathering took months to plan. My first task was to find a third Boxer owner. We had a 365bb, and a 512bbi, but we needed a carbureted 512 Boxer to slot in between. After a couple of phone calls, I had our trio. It was just chance that they were all red!
high shot

We decided if we were going to get together, why not record our impressions in an article? A pitch was made to “Forza,” a Ferrari Enthusiasts magazine to write and article by myself and  Dom Miliano. With a green light from the editor, I needed to secure locations, a camera car, and schedule a day for all those involved to meet. I didn’t even want to think about the possibility of rain!
moving cars
Photo Dom Miliano
Dom and I collaborated in the photography and the owners helped us get the cars into position.
jack knife

I thought this was the “money shot” or at least the position was. I’ve always loved the way a Boxer opens up much like a jack knife, and I wanted to show it in pictures. You’ll have to wait for the magazine article to see how the actual photo turned out.
boxer talk

We had just enough cloud cover to get some decent photography, but man was it hot! At 90 degrees and high humidity, the heat did nothing to melt the owner’s enthusiasm about participating in this gathering.

The highlight was when we swapped keys between the owners! Each driver got to drive the two other Boxers in the comparison, and we recorded their impressions after each drive. At the end of the day, we had a nice rap session in the shade of large pine tree at our last location. Look for the podcast soon, and I’ll let you know when the article hits the newsstands in “Forza.”

Thanks everyone involved with participating. It was a ton of fun!

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